Siempre actualizados, en OK HOSTING te incluimos la versión 11 de Cpanel. Conoce las nuevas funciones y mejoras a este popular panel de control.

Courses in Design and Marketing

Graphic Design Basics: A Complete Introduction

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of graphic design, exploring color theory, typography, composition and more, to equip you with the skills necessary to communicate ideas visually effectively.

Creating engaging visual content: Capture and maintain attention

Learn to master the essential techniques and tools to create visually attractive content that captures and maintains the attention of your audience, raising the quality of your digital or printed projects.

Effective use of graphic design tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva and more

This course provides hands-on training in the most popular and powerful design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva, allowing you to create professional designs for any type of project.

Branding strategies and visual identity creation: Make a difference

Discover how to build and manage powerful brands through effective branding and visual identity strategies, positioning your brand in the minds of consumers and differentiating it in the market.

Comprehensive digital marketing: SEO, SEM and social networks

This course covers everything you need to develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media management, to maximize your presence in line.

Advanced email marketing strategies

Deep deeper into the analysis of metrics and KPIs in digital marketing to understand and improve the impact of your strategies. This course will teach you how to effectively measure performance and optimize your email marketing campaigns, ensuring better communication and conversion.

Hosting and Servers Courses

Siempre actualizados, en OK HOSTING te incluimos la versión 11 de Cpanel. Conoce las nuevas funciones y mejoras a este popular panel de control.

Linux server configuration and administration.

Learn how to install, configure and maintain Linux systems in server environments, including topics such as user management, system security and basic troubleshooting.

Windows server configuration and administration.

This subtopic covers the installation and configuration of Windows Server, Active Directory management, group policies, and security aspects and software updates.

Apache server configuration and administration.

Explore Apache HTTP Server configuration, including virtual host configuration, SSL/TLS security, and web server performance optimization.

MySql Configuration and Optimization

Details how to optimize MySQL to improve performance and efficiency, addressing server configuration, indexes, and effective query techniques.

Using control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, etc.

Explore how to manage web hosting using popular control panels. Learn to create and manage websites, email accounts, databases and more, using friendly graphical interfaces.

Wordpress Installation and Configuration.

Details the steps to install and configure Wordpress from scratch, including theme selection, installation of essential plugins, and initial configuration to optimize performance and security.

Software Development

Siempre actualizados, en OK HOSTING te incluimos la versión 11 de Cpanel. Conoce las nuevas funciones y mejoras a este popular panel de control.

Cross-platform UI

Cross-platform user interface (UI) is a design and development concept that allows you to create applications that offer a consistent user experience across multiple devices and operating systems. Tools like Flutter, React Native and Xamarin are popular in this space as they allow developers to write a single code base that adapts and works efficiently on different platforms such as Android, iOS and web.


In the context of information technology, the term "language" usually refers to programming languages, which are standardized methods for encoding instructions to be executed by computers. Programming languages allow developers to write programs that can perform operations from simple tasks to complex analytical operations and automation processes.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is a discipline that is responsible for the design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of software systems. It covers techniques and processes to create robust, scalable and efficient solutions that meet specific user needs and operational requirements. Within this field, software engineers apply engineering principles to ensure that programs operate effectively and securely in various environments.

Databases and Storage

Databases and storage are essential for information management in the digital sphere. Databases allow you to store, retrieve and manage data in a structured way, while storage solutions refer to the physical or virtual infrastructure used to store data long-term. This topic includes database design, administration of database management systems such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle, and techniques for optimizing the performance and security of stored data.

API Design and Development

The design and development of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is essential for modern software integration. APIs allow different systems and applications to communicate with each other, facilitating the exchange of data and functionality. Good API design ensures that it is scalable, secure and easy to use, while its development involves the effective implementation of these interfaces according to established standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves the use of algorithms and models that allow machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. This includes learning from experiences, interpreting complex data, and making autonomous decisions. AI is applied in a variety of fields, from speech recognition and computer vision to predictive analytics and process automation.

Cybersecurity in Development

Cybersecurity in development refers to the integration of security measures in all phases of the software development life cycle. This includes planning, coding, testing, and deployment of software. The goal is to protect applications from threats and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. Common practices include code review, penetration testing, and implementing robust security policies.

Lean Six Sigma

Introduces the principles of Lean Six Sigma to improve the quality and efficiency of business processes. Learn to identify waste, reduce variability and improve processes using statistical tools and continuous improvement methodologies.

Business Administration: Fundamentals of Business Management

Siempre actualizados, en OK HOSTING te incluimos la versión 11 de Cpanel. Conoce las nuevas funciones y mejoras a este popular panel de control.

Strategic Planning

Learn how to set long-term goals and develop plans to achieve them. This module covers the analysis of the current situation, the formulation of strategies, and the implementation and monitoring of strategic plans.

Project Management

Introduces the fundamentals of project management, including methodologies such as Agile and Scrum. Focus on planning, axis cution, monitoring and closing of projects, ensuring that objectives are met in a timely manner.

Basic Accounting for Entrepreneurs

Offers an introduction to the accounting principles necessary to manage the finances of a startup or small business. Includes topics such as accounting books, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow.

Financial and Budgetary Management

Examines how to manage financial resources, including budget preparation and control, financial analysis, and financing strategies. Learn to make informed financial decisions to improve the profitability and sustainability of the business.

Development of Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Develop leadership and collaboration skills. This course covers techniques to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster a positive and productive work environment.

Marketing and Sales Strategies for Companies

Learn how to design and implement effective marketing and sales strategies. Covers market analysis, customer segmentation, brand positioning, advertising campaigns and sales techniques.

Market Analysis and Business Decision Making

Offers methods to analyze the market and understand consumer needs and behaviors. Learn to use this information to make strategic and adaptive decisions in a competitive business environment.

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