Connect your web project with the technology that powers more than 78% of the web. Our PHP hosting offers an optimized environment to develop dynamic, flexible and powerful web applications.

Wide Compatibility:

Supports the most popular databases: MySQL, Oracle, and more.

Top Performance

Optimized to run your PHP applications with maximum speed and efficiency.

Security Guaranteed

Server-side code execution for unmatched security and reliability.



USD /Anual

  • 2GB Storage

  • 10GB Monthly Transfer

  • 50 Email Accounts

  • Unlimited SQL Databases



$296 USD/Anual

  • 5GB Storage

  • 20GB Monthly Transfer

  • 100 Email Accounts

  • Unlimited SQL Databases



$433 USD/Anual

  • 10GB Storage

  • 40GB Monthly Transfer

  • 200 Email Accounts

  • Unlimited SQL Databases

Siempre actualizados, en OK HOSTING te incluimos la versión 11 de Cpanel. Conoce las nuevas funciones y mejoras a este popular panel de control.

Complete PHP Support, from complex e-commerce applications to discussion forums and dynamic pages.

Cross-platform Flexibility:

Our PHP hosting is versatile and designed to run smoothly on a variety of operating systems. Whether you prefer Windows, Linux, Unix, or any other environment, we guarantee full compatibility. This capability ensures that you can develop and deploy your web projects in the environment that best suits your needs and preferences.

Free Software

PHP stands out for being an open source language, offering full access to its source code so that developers from all over the world can study, modify and improve it. This promotes a vibrant community and an ever-evolving development ecosystem, where you can find and contribute a wide range of tools and resources.

Dynamic Web Development

PHP is ideal for creating everything from simple websites to complex web applications and e-commerce portals. Its flexibility and power allow developers to implement dynamic and customized functionality to meet the specific needs of each project, from content management to robust e-commerce systems.

High Security

Security is paramount in web development. PHP offers a secure environment as the code runs on the server, away from end users. This minimizes vulnerabilities to external attacks, protecting the integrity of your website and that of your users.

Easy to Learn

One of the biggest advantages of PHP is its accessible learning curve. With clear syntax and plenty of documentation and tutorials available, it's easy to get started with PHP. Additionally, the vast PHP community is always willing to offer support, advice, and best practices.

Scalability with PHP and MySQL

By combining PHP with MySQL, you get a powerful and scalable solution for websites and web applications. This combination allows you to efficiently handle large volumes of data and user traffic, ensuring that your project can grow and adapt according to demands without sacrificing performance or availability.

Create your website without programming knowledge

By hiring your hosting you get access at no extra cost to our professional layout designer. Responsive, intuitive and easy to use, ideal for creating an attractive and functional website without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

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