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CRM y ERP Software

Operational CRM

Focused on automating, improving and synchronizing customer-related business processes, such as sales, marketing and customer service.

CRM Analytics

Focuses on analyzing customer data for better decision making and relationship management. Use data mining and modeling techniques to understand the customer.

Collaborative CRM

Facilitates communication with customers through various channels and improves coordination between internal teams for more effective relationship management.

Strategic CRM

Focuses on developing a long-term, sustainable relationship with customers, focusing on retaining them and developing loyalty.

CRM in the Cloud

As with ERPs, cloud CRMs offer the advantage of being accessible from anywhere, with lower implementation and maintenance costs.

Mobile CRM

Designed to be accessible via mobile devices, allowing sales and customer service teams to access customer information and perform tasks on the go.

Mobile application development

We create innovative mobile experiences that transform the way you interact with your customers. Our expertise covers a broad and avant-garde spectrum

Desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles

Mobile Web Applications:

Specific for iOS or Android, efficient and well integrated.

Hybrid Applications:

Website versions for mobile browsers, with limited functionality.

Cross-Platform Applications

They combine web and native, fast and economical, work on multiple platforms.

Aplicaciones Multiplataforma

Un solo lenguaje/framework para varias plataformas, con rendimiento variable.

Aplicaciones Progresivas (PWA):

Mezclan web y nativas, funcionan offline y se actualizan sin descargar.

Aplicaciones Empresariales Móviles (B2E)

Para uso interno en empresas, mejoran eficiencia y gestión.

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