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We provide a wide range of cloud technology services, including custom servers, advanced software and custom applications. Elevate your business into the digital future and start taking advantage of all the benefits that the Internet offers for your company.

Cloud Computing

In today's era, a growing number of businesses and individual users are adopting cloud technologies.

Systems and applications are migrating to the cloud at an accelerated pace. The reasons behind this change are varied and the benefits are innumerable. Talking about cloud computing is talking about a revolution in freedom and technological mobility.

The reasons behind this change are varied and the benefits are innumerable. Talking about cloud computing is talking about a revolution in freedom and technological mobility.

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Cloud Software

We develop systems and applications that work in the cloud, we create ERP, accounting systems, administrative inventory systems, medical records, entertainment applications, online sales, mobile apps and any other type of software that your company requires.

Cloud Servers

We offer Cloud or VPS servers (Virtual Private Servers), characterized by their stability and speed, and the ease of being scalable according to the client's needs. Additionally, our cloud servers have significant advantages for processes such as migration and duplication. Our Datacenter is equipped with the most advanced security and performance features, thus guaranteeing a high quality and reliable service.

Cloud Computing Solutions

We carry out a detailed analysis of your needs to provide tailored solutions, using the latest in cloud computing technologies. Our solutions are ideal for a variety of needs, including:

  • Secure storage of information
  • Advanced database management
  • Efficient collaboration systems
  • Cloud software development adapted to your requirements
  • Robust solutions for the privacy and security of your data

Public Clouds

They are all those that are accessible to any user with an Internet connection, the majority of popular web pages and applications on the Internet are examples of public clouds, databases of information, images, applications and software, social networks . Search engines and open systems in which any user is allowed to access.

Private Clouds

Ideal for companies that want to store their information on the network, to have remote access from any computer, ideal for those looking to stop worrying about backups and hard drives, private clouds normally host ERP or other types of administrative systems, They also host databases, confidential files, and any type of application or content to which they wish to have remote access but that at the same time is confidential and private.

Hybrid Clouds

The perfect mix between privacy and public access, with a hybrid cloud you can have the best of the two features of cloud computing, an e-commerce system where the customer can access to make their purchases, view their orders, etc., without However, you cannot access the rest of the information such as names of other clients, other orders, etc. At OK HOSTING we develop hybrid cloud software to give your company and your projects the best of web technology.

How can your company benefit from Cloud Computing?


One of the benefits of cloud computing is the ability to update in real time, imagine a VPS server for your company or systems, but perhaps you want to increase the space or RAM, you can do it with a couple of clicks, no A physical hardware upgrade is necessary to carry it out, there are thousands of examples of the advantages of cloud upgrades.


Tired of maintaining your servers? Or your systems ? Forget about this tedious work when hiring cloud services, server maintenance practically disappears. Do you want to offer software or application to your employees or clients? Do you need to continually update it? With cloud software, any update or change to your systems will automatically be applied to all users.


Achieve more agility for your company and your processes, allow multiple users to work on any system simultaneously, make changes to your servers or your systems in real time, increase your performance or reduce the resources you do not use, receive information from your company, sales, clients in real time from anywhere you are.


Free yourself from dependence on computer equipment, never depend on your personal computer or your company's server to access and store your information, with a cloud solution you will not be tied to any place to be able to work and collaborate , cloud solutions are the new way of doing business and working on the move.


Cloud computing is green, a cloud server can replace multiple physical servers, resources are also provided only as required and connectivity, space or energy resources are never wasted, the cloud also avoids the need for multiple physical terminals, small data centers within companies that, in addition to being expensive, commonly lack reliability.


The scalability of a server or cloud system is one of its most attractive features. By not depending on physical hardware limitations, you can only pay for the resources you need and increase them if you require a little more. And of course later you can reduce resources to save, since the change is practically transparent and in real time, you can optimize resources like you never imagined.


Adaptation is synonymous with survival in nature, in the same way in technology and business adaptation allows companies and individuals to cope with different scenarios, cloud computing has adaptability as its central axis, in a very sense. broad, no matter what your business line is, at OK HOSTING we will help you benefit from computer technologies and take advantage of the infinite adaptation possibilities that the cloud offers.

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